A Candid Conversation With the (Fake) Jurassic Park Social-Media Manager


“I think it’s just such a dumb time to be alive. I think people are bored.”
Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Jurassic Park suddenly becoming a meme in 2020 encapsulates so many things about this terrible year. First, there is the reason Jurassic Park emerged in the news in the first place: A literal airborne virus made it dangerous to be indoors with others, leading to the closure of most movie theaters and a resurgence of retro drive-ins playing fewer new releases and more crowd-pleasing old titles. As a result, for a weekend in June, Jurassic Park was the No. 1 movie at the box office. Then, there is the fact that that the film’s subject matter has a renewed sense of relevance: Greed and mismanagement lead to a deadly breakout that scientists can’t control. There’s also the whole, you know, “people flocking to dangerous theme parks under questionable circumstances” thing.

Amid the movie’s resurgence, some of the best satire of the summer has come from a related Twitter account, Jurassic Park Updates. Operating under the handle @JurassicPark2go, the account tweets with @dril-like absurdity and ClickHole-like acuity about current affairs, horny dinos, and Ben Shapiro from the perspective of an alternate timeline where Jurassic Park actually exists and is exactly as disastrous as you’d imagine. The account was started by writer PJ Evans and features 11 other contributors: Joseph Garcia, Rajat Suresh, Colin Burgess, Morgan Evans, Julie Greiner, Alyssa Stonoha, Raina Morris, Carmen Christopher, Jay Weingarten, @dlicj, and Sarah Squirm. Ahead of our Friday Night Movie Club screening of Jurassic Park, we spoke to Evans for some updates on Jurassic Park Updates.


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