IPL 2020 | Amazon & Unacademy Among Major Players Eyeing IPL’s Title Sponsorship: Reports


IPL 2020 | Amazon & Unacademy Among Major Players Eyeing IPL's Title Sponsorship: Reports

Now that the IPL and Vivo have parted ways for the upcoming edition of the IPL, there are already a few players who are eyeing to bag the title sponsors contract. According to a report in the Times of India, players like Amazon – with an eye on India’s festival season between Dussera (October) and Diwali (November); Byju’s, Dream 11, are already in contention.

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Even though Vivo’s exit has been confirmed this year, there could possibly a return of the company next year as a sponsor.

Industry experts rule out a replacement churning out the same amount of money that Vivo did. “In fact, it’s a win for BCCI even if they get a title sponsor at 1/3rd the value and two official partners to somewhat make up for the pool. Expect Vivo’s Rs 440-odd cr pool to scale down to around Rs 180 cr and that, mind you, will be a win for BCCI in this market,” they add.

Another two players who could be looking to make a move to get the sponsorship rights would be Unacademy and Mycircle11, direct competitors of Byju’s and Dream 11.

“The BCCI is looking for partners today. If Byju’s decide to support the IPL today and rework the jersey sponsorship numbers going forward, it could be a win for them and BCCI,” say sources.

And if Dream 11, that pays Rs 40 cr per season, wants to become the title sponsors, BCCI will expect them to pay additional 40 cr from the bid. That is to make up for what they pay as official partners.

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“That’s where there’s space for an Unacademy or a MyCircle11 to walk in as official partners. If Dream 11 take the title, Unacademy can step in as official partners. If Byju’s take the title, MyCircle11 can come in. Brands won’t be conflicted,” say sources.

Although Amazon remains the leading contender given the festival season.


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