Kudlow Keeps Spewing COVID-19 Happy Talk Amid Surging Cases: ‘Very Positive’ On Economic Recovery


White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow on Sunday kept up with his tradition of spewing happy talk on COVID-19 by baselessly touting that the economy would grow later this year despite coronavirus cases continuing to surge nationwide.

Kudlow — who falsely claimed at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March that COVID-19 was “contained” and later attempted to walk back his remark by arguing that “facts were contained” at the time — said that he doesn’t believe that jobless claims will look worse this month compared to June during an interview on CNN Sunday morning.

Kudlow expressed optimism that jobless claims will fall, saying that he thinks “the odds favor a big increase in job creation and a big reduction in unemployment.”

Kudlow went on to claim, without going into specifics, that most economists and Wall Street suggest that the country is in “a self-sustaining recovery” despite how states that have emerged as coronavirus hot spots “are going to moderate that recovery.”

Kudlow then continued painting a rosy picture by saying that it’s “very positive” because he still thinks “the V-shaped recovery is in place,” which will lead to a 20% growth rate in the third and fourth quarters.

Later in the interview, Kudlow doubled down on his rosy sentiment by saying that the economy is improving by “leaps and bounds” due to “more states that are reopening and doing very well.”

Kudlow then brushed off the “hot spot difficulties” that California, Texas and Florida are facing by arguing that “it’s nothing like it was last winter.”

Watch Kudlow’s remarks below:


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