Pelicans’ Derrick Favors had his birthday cake and cupcakes stolen inside NBA bubble, per report


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The coronavirus pandemic has forced the NBA to adapt to their new surroundings inside of the bubble in Orlando. While New Orleans Pelicans big man Derrick Favors normally celebrates his July 15 birthday at home, he did so with his teammates inside the bubble last month. 

Favors’ teammates sung “Happy Birthday” to him following a Pelicans practice and there was even scheduled to be cake in the team’s meal room. However, according to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, the cake was gone when the Pelicans entered the room to celebrate with Favors. Someone allegedly stole Favors’ birthday cake, according to Hayes.

Since the birthday cake was stolen, the Pelicans still wanted to celebrate their teammate’s birthday, so they ordered some cupcakes for the following day. Those cupcakes were delivered to the bubble and stored in a refrigerator. However, when the Pelicans went to partake in the eating of the cupcakes, all but one had been stolen right out of the refrigerator. 

Somebody within the NBA bubble certainly has a sweet tooth if they’re stealing an entire birthday cake and some cupcakes to boot. This is a case that needs to be solved.


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