Ramona Singer Apologizes for Comments on Leah McSweeney’s Mental Health


Ramona Singer and Leah McSweeney.
Photo: Bravo/Getty Images

Leah McSweeney may be new to the Real Housewives of New York, but that hasn’t stopped her from getting caught up in their drama already. On July 30’s episode of the show, McSweeney learned that cast member Ramona Singer had been talking about her mental health behind her back, which McSweeney called “repulsive as fuck” in a confessional on the episode. After McSweeney got drunk at Sonja Morgan’s birthday party on the previous week’s episode, Singer told Morgan this week, “I found out she’s bipolar and she’s on medication and I know people who are bipolar and you cannot mix alcohol with meds, it makes you act not responsible.” In a confessional, she explained that a friend told her about McSweeney’s mental health after finding a blog post McSweeney had written. On the housewives’ trip to Cancun later on this week’s episode, Singer added to Morgan that she “had to run over to [McSweeney] and pull down her dress” at the party.


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