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That’s one fake-ass chart.
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The dog days of summer are here in full swing, and what does late night have to show for it? Um, not much. Most of our late-night hosts have been on hiatus since what’s felt like Nam (looking at you, James Corden), resulting in only a few shows airing new episodes this week, so the pickings were pretty slim. However, that should change as James Corden and Stephen Colbert head back into the studio next week to film their respective late-night programs without a live audience. Who knows how long Corden will be behind a late-night desk after rumors circulated this week that he was being considered as a replacement for Ellen. Even if this is not true and ultimately does not come to pass, I do not care because I love gossip. Also, I just realized that Corden’s first name is “James,” so we easily could have had three late-night hosts named Jimmy instead of two, so we do have to thank Corden for that small kindness. Can’t wait for Corden’s daytime show, Jimmy, to absolutely dominate the 2021 Daytime Emmys.

Okay, I’m ready to just come out and say it: Jimmy Fallon can really sing. Not like “comedy sing,” but like actually sing. It’s a fact. It’s one of those things that he tries to obscure by being “funny” because being a talented singer makes him less “relatable,” but the dude’s got mad pipes. We saw this in action during his segment “Auto-Tune Up” with Jamie Foxx, where the two traded off singing about boring stuff like a DVD copyright warning and the ingredients listed on a bag of Combos with Auto-Tune. Fallon’s tenor vocals honestly soared, specifically when he sang Combos ingredients “milk, wheat, and soy,” and the Auto-Tune effect really allowed us to appreciate that. Noted renaissance man Foxx also did not disappoint with the vocals, and he earned a spot on this list for the way he sang the word offender. Kudos on your incredible placement and impressive riffs and runs, Mr. Fallon and Mr. Foxx.


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