Succession’s Matthew MacFadyen on His Emmy Nom and How the Tomlette Gets Made


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Is this year’s slate of Emmy nominations a game of Boar on the Floor? Because the Roy family is dominating. Season two of HBO’s Succession garnered 19 nominations from the Television Academy today for its tragicomic look at the fundamental stupidity of the American billionaire class, including nominations in Directing, Writing, and Outstanding Drama Series. Most of the core cast received nominations as well (except for Connor, because life imitates art). Among them is Matthew MacFadyen, receiving his first Emmy nomination in the Supporting Actor in a Drama Series category for playing hapless striver and Roy-by-marriage, Tom Wambsgans. If you’ve ever seen MacFadyen’s IRL British classy charm, you know what a feat of acting it is for him to tamp it down to play up Tom’s general schmuckery and Greg-abuse. On the day of his Emmy nomination, we spoke to MacFadyen about when Succession season three will be able to film, and how the Tomlette gets made.

Congratulations on your first Emmy nomination! We’re a few months into the pandemic now, what are things like where you are in the UK?
If you took away the masks, it would look like a pretty regular day. The traffic’s a bit lighter. I don’t know what it’s like in the middle of New York, for example, but central London is a bit weird. A bit sad. It’s very strange to walk around. And then as soon as you get out to where people live, then it’s sort of okay. I live in West London, and people are going out to the shops, they’re out and about, the pubs have reopened. Masks are mandatory now, so everyone’s wearing them. People seem quite cheerful. I don’t know. It’s a strange thing, isn’t it?


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