The ‘Clean’ Version of ‘WAP’ Is Actually So Much Filthier


Tell me this isn’t dirtier if you’re imagining the word gushy.
Photo: YouTube

I woke up this morning and waited patiently for my family’s much-loved babysitter to come so I could hide in a room by myself and watch the new Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion video for “WAP.” I’d been on Twitter already; I knew what WAP stands for. So I also knew this was not a video I really wanted to have a long chat about with my 6- and 3-year-olds before breakfast.

When the time finally came, I put my headphones in and hit “play,” prepared to watch them nail that “wet-ass pussy” chorus in their fantasy palace of butt statues and snakes. I was prepped! Imagine my surprise, then, when the chorus I heard over and over, the supposedly “clean” version they’d recorded for radio and for the music video, was actually so much dirtier than “wet-ass pussy.” Because in the clean version, it’s not “wet-ass pussy.” It’s “wet and gushy.” And I am here to tell you that “wet and gushy” is, in fact, a much, much nastier version of this song.


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