Unhinged Is Still Hell-bent on Becoming the First Post-Lockdown Movie in America


The Russell Crowe thriller Unhinged wants to “ride the notoriety” of arriving in theaters at a time when moviegoers aren’t guaranteed to show up.
Photo: Solstice Studios

When the Russell Crowe road-rage thriller Unhinged hits more than 2,000 theaters across North America on August 21, the film’s primary selling point will be that it’s one of a kind. With blockbuster season effectively ankled because of continentwide multiplex shuttering, and the year’s megalithic event films migrating into late 2020 or spring and summer of next year, Unhinged is set to emerge virtually unchallenged as the first wide-release movie of the post-lockdown era.

Barring the kind of 11th-hour date shift that forced Warner Bros. and Disney, respectively, to reschedule Tenet’s and Mulan’s theatrical debuts three times each this summer, Unhinged will arrive at a time when catalogue hits Beauty and the Beast (2017) and Marvel’s Iron Man (2008) are topping the weekend box office, and the race to become the Summer of No Blockbusters’ most talked-about film largely took place in viewers’ living rooms.


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