What to Know About Taskmaster Before Its U.S. Debut


Comedian Greg Davies, a.k.a. the Taskmaster, and his “assistant,” a.k.a. series creator Alex Horne.
Photo: Avalon UKTV

As we’re submerged deeper and deeper into the COVID-induced content vacuum that has all but cleared upcoming fall television slates, there’s never been a better time for Taskmaster, one of Great Britain’s many hidden television gems, to finally make its way to the United States. Although comedy panel shows are practically a nonexistent genre in the US of A, they’re a dime a dozen on British television, but Taskmaster possesses its own unique, undefinable brand of insanity that has kept viewers coming back for nine series, soon to be ten. The show’s popularity in Britain is hardly a fluke. Since it began airing in 2015, it’s spawned international adaptations in Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. However, no remake could ever hope to compare to the original, which is so successful that Channel 4 committed to six more seasons when it acquired the show from UKTV late last year.

Barring a short-lived American remake hosted by Reggie Watts — more on that below — Taskmaster hasn’t made much of a footprint in the U.S., but that stands to change this Sunday, when the CW begins airing the show in its full British glory. If you’re one of the many hapless Americans who have yet to discover the off-the-wall glory of Taskmaster, here’s the full rundown on what you need to know about the show before series eight and nine begin airing in America.


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