When I Played Against Sourav Ganguly, I Hated Him: Nasser Hussain



Former England captain Nasser Hussain has recalled playing against Sourav Ganguly, saying the former India captain changed the way India played cricket.

Speaking on Star Sports show Cricket Connected, Hussain said:

“I have always said, and this is a generalisation, but I have always said about Ganguly, that he made India a tougher side. So, before Ganguly, there were very talented side, but you felt they were also a nice side – very down to earth, would meet you with morning greetings, morning Nasser, it was a very pleasant experience.

“Playing against a Ganguly side, you knew you were in a battle, you knew that Ganguly understood the passion of Indian cricket fans and it wasn’t just a game of cricket. It was more important than a game of cricket. He was feisty and he picked feisty cricketers whether it would be Harbhajan or Yuvraj or whoever – feisty in your face cricketers – that when you met him away from the game, were lovely, nice.

“Sourav’s like that. When I played against Sourav, I hated him, he used to make me wait for the toss every single time and I’ll be like, Ganguly, its 10.30, we have to toss. But now I work with him for the last decade on commentary, he’s such a nice, calm, he’s still late for his commentary stints, but he is a lovely bloke. And that’s the way cricketers should be. When you play with him or against him, you don’t like him and when you meet up with him later in life, they’re nice people.”

Recently, the two former cricketers engaged in a hilarious banter on social media over the 2002 NatWest Trophy which the Men in Blue had won in an epic manner.

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“Hi Nass…when was this picture taken…losing memory with old age…need my mates help,” Ganguly, while tagging Hussain, tweeted on Saturday sharing an image from the customary photo-op of that memorable 2002 series.

The former England skipper replied with a GIF where a cartoon character is seen hiding his face in the bushes.


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