Yellowstone Recap: Missing Persons



All for Nothing

Season 3

Episode 6

Editor’s Rating

3 stars

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“The cattle all have brucellosis/ We’ll get through somehow.” —Warren Zevon

For Warren Zevon fans like myself, these past two weeks of Yellowstone have been pretty damned delightful, because not once but twice someone has asked a shifty old buffalo-herder whether or not his stock has brucellosis. For those of us who don’t have a lot of experience with riding the range or tending to cattle, likely our only previous encounter with the disease sometimes known as “undulant fever” comes from Zevon’s song “Play It All Night Long.” And now here are some real cowboys, tossing around the term “brucellosis” so casually that I keep waiting for these leathery ranch hands to slip into one of the song’s other memorable lines: “There ain’t much to country living/ Sweat, piss, jizz, and blood.”

Look, sometimes with Yellowstone you have to take your pleasures wherever you find them. Because like most of this season so far, this week’s episode “All for Nothing” is a pretty mixed bag, with the same characters as always (Kayce, Rip, Chief Rainwater, Roarke, and Beth) dominating the best scenes, and the same characters as always (John, Jamie, and Beth again) dominating the worst ones.


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