Ziwe’s Instagram Live Show Recap: ‘The Birmingham Jail Thing’


Photo: @ziwef on Instagram

On the most recent installment of Ziwe’s Instagram Live Show, Ziwe invited two tried and true comedians — Liza Treyger and Patti Harrison — into the lion’s den. Both known for their impressive comedic chops, Liza and Patti let the jokes come naturally, opting to (mostly) sincerely answer the questions Ziwe lobbed at them, sometimes landing into some “messy” answers. From Liza’s declaration about “Whitney/Bobby love” to Patti’s jokes about J.K. Rowling, the episode gave us a peek behind the curtain at two comedians eschewing their characters and tight fives in favor of honest, uncomfortable, hilarious conversation.

How many Black friends does she have? A bunch
How many times did Ziwe lean in? Four
Does she read? No

Jessica: Ziwe starting out with strong scarf game, wearing her signature makeup look, white eyeliner! Giving me “I go to the B-Ball court” with this LEWK.


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